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  1. Third, put about the ideal shoes. You are able to in fact have on any pair of sneakers. When you will probably be clothed with small shorts, skirt, tight denims or leggings, you have essentially the most selections – slippers, high-cut sneakers, low-cut sneakers, boots, doll footwear, sandals, virtually anything at all. If a pair of pants with loose-end is your selection, high-cuts usually are not definitely highly recommended. Restrict the size of your footwear nearly your ankles.

  2. penting jgak klo nak laptop yang tahan lama.
    setakat ni saya guna lenovo.
    dr 2012 smpai skg.
    xtahan sbb saya lasak sangat kut.
    bawak laptop sana sini macam traveller.
    pastu suka buat video editing.mmg hancus lah sbb software tahap corel video n sony vegas pro.
    stakat ni masih boleh pakai.cuma mmg lmbap n byk kali gk repair.
    skg sy nk bli laptop yg boleh tahan lama,
    grafik lawa (kene 1080HD) n i3 plg kurang.RAM klo bleh nk 4GB n storage 500GB.agak2 laptop apa yg seswai ngn requirement sy tu?

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